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We like to think along with you, offer innovative ideas and offer creative solutions. We use the latest techniques for our projects to guarantee best performance and stability. Our expertise extends us rather than limiting us. Therefore, our work will always meet your requirements. In the end, you'll be reaping the benefits, since we offer an efficient approach that leads to the best result.

SkillShift tailored software

A selection of our clients:

ING Bank
Royal Flora Holland
Tata Consultancy Services
Topic Embedded Systems

We specialize in:

International IT Recruitment & Relocation

SkillShift has vast experience recruiting IT talent internationally. As a matter of fact, the very company was built around this. Initially the best talent was selected, screened by our technical experts and then relocated to the Netherlands and Belgium to provide consulting for clients. We know from our own experience how complicated these processes can be. From screening talent to work permits to travel and housing. Over the years we built vast expertise in this process. Now we are happy to provide this hassle-free service for clients in Western Europe including The UK and Ireland, North America and Australia that are looking for direct hires of international talent.

Project-based assignments

SkillShift builds tailored software solutions in order to achieve your short- and long term objectives. Whether it's building a native app for iOS and Android, an adjustment to existing software or connecting third party API's; SkillShift is the right party to reach out to. We dedicate ourselves to providing creative solutions through which you'll be able to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Secondment of IT-Talent

Whether you need temporary help on a project, or long term reinforcement; SkillShift makes sure your company's growth is not limited by lack of resources. Given its broad, multicultural network, SkillShift saves no effort on attracting the best international IT-talent. Since our recruitment doesn't stop at borders, we are able to attract only the best international talent. We have employees ready from all over the world. Your new employee might have grown up next door, or came across the globe as a skilled migrant. Who knows what stories they can tell you? But most importantly, they will get the job done and help you grow your business.

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